Episode 13: Iowa Folk and Acoustic Music

by Iowa Music Showcase

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Iowa has had a long and strong folk scene, from its earliest days as a territory, up to the 21st century with the likes of Greg Brown among others.

Why does Iowa feel such a strong attraction to these laid-back musicians without the pounding and thumping of other aggressive genres? Is it because it reflects the laid-back, contemplative nature of the Iowan people? Heck! I don't know!

I do know that we Iowans like our folk musicians and have them playing in all sorts of coffeehouses, meeting halls, barns, and back yards throughout the state.

In this episode, Iowa Music Showcase becomes your virtual coffeehouse or meeting hall as we present 8 Iowa artists continuing our proud folk tradition.

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Opening - Iowa Music Showcase opening by Dylan Boyle
Song 1 - "Rotary Dial" by Patresa Hartman (feat The High Crest)
Song 2 - "The Thing About the Devil" by The High Crest
Song 3 - "Cockles and Mussels" by Orckes & Trolles
Song 4 - "Ocean Blue Live" by Red Comet (iowamusicshowcasesongs.blogspot.com/2015/07/ep-13-song-4-oceans-blue-live-by-red.html)
Song 5 - "Rio Grande" by The Lawn Chairs
Song 6 - "I Won't Be the One" by Lindgren & Lewis
Song 7 - "Johnny Fire" by Ryan Sheeler
Song 8 - "Too Late to Stay (live solo acoustic version)" by Nate Nelson
Closing - Iowa Music Showcase closing by Dylan Boyle

Next episode: Part 2 of the retrospective on Iowa City's pop punk band, Lipstick Homicide!

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released July 19, 2015



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